Croatia Pag town

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Try a different cheese this Christmas, ‘ewe’ wont be disappointed!


Paški Sir aged 12 months



As UK supermarket shelves groan under the weight of a plethora of cheeses from around the world it would be easy to assume that every corner of the globe has been tapped for its own take on the age-old art of cheese making. But a firm bodied ewes’ milk cheese from a windswept corner of the Adriatic has been causing waves on the continent and it’s due to hit these shores in a big way.



You'll be forgiven for thinking your landing on the moon


but maybe this moon is made from cheese after all


Paški Sir, or Isle of Pag Cheese as it roughly translates, is made only on the small picturesque Island of Pag, a short ferry ride from the mainland of Croatia, from which you’ll be forgiven like many before you for thinking you were landing the moon. Vegetation on the eastern side of the Pag has little hope to take a foothold as it is subjected to a powerful winter wind called Bura. The wind whips off the Velebit mountain range on the mainland and scatters sea salt all along the rocky pastures. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that this moon could really be made from cheese.

It’s because of these unique conditions that the island’s inhabitants have been producing a refined artisan cheese for centuries, and now at long last, Paški Sir will make its international debut courtesy of Sirana Gligora. Their superior awarded cheese has been described by the International Taste and Quality Institute as a wonderfully flavored and unique sheep milk cheese, an authentic cheese that


The managing director Šime Gligora with his wife Ružica recieving yet another 3 star award

is a pure delight and a quality in the making. The iTQi awarded Paški Sir their top award for the past 3 years and now this ‘island of cheese’ wants to share Paški Sir with the world.

Sirana Gligora has been making award winning Paski Sir since 1995, using artisan methods passed from generation to generation together with the latest in dairy technology. By infusing science and tradition, they have taken Paški Sir from being a local delicacy to an internationally respected, and soon to be protected product. Winning numerous awards as well as the coveted 3 Star Superior Taste Award for the past three years with iTQi, which is something akin to a Micheline Star, Paški Sir is making it’s long-awaited entrance to the international stage.

With the new season of production due to start on January 1st 2011, why not celebrate with Paški Sir this Christmas and tantalise your taste bubs with anticipation for next years offering.

Known only to a handful of enthusiasts and adventurous holiday makers, Paški Sir is slowly but surely entering the British shores through respected delicatessens. The Cheese Hamlet in Manchester, The Cheese Society in Lincoln and Yellow Wedge Deli in Twickenham are all already stocking this little gem. With many other respected cheese mongers soon to follow suit, Paški Sir really is the connoisseurs choice for this years thoughtful Christmas shoppers.

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