Take a Dip Into The 70’s


A cheese fondue

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The unique taste of Paški Sir gives this traditional Fondu a surprising kick


Take a dip into the 70`s with Alan Coxon`s recipe for a Paski Sir cheese Fondu

Another great Paški Sir recipe from Alan Coxon, the famous British TV Chef and food archaeologist www.alancoxon.com


Mature Paški Sir is perfect for grating and cooking

250g (9oz) Paski Sir Cheese finely grated
30g (1oz) plain flour
2 tsp mustard powder
250ml (9 fl oz) dry white wine
2 tbsp full fat Fromage frais
Fresh ground black pepper
Pinch of Smoked Paprika

Combine the cheese, flour and mustard powder
Heat the white wine with the cheese, stirring continuously until melted
Bring the mixture to the boil, stirring all the time then reduce the heat.
Stir in the fromage frais and black pepper.

Note :serve with chunks of crusty bread, cherry tomatoes, cocktail sausages and vegetable crudite to dunk .

‘Paški Sir is a wonderfully tasteful sheep milk cheese that brings full and complex flavor to the palate and melts nicely in the mouth. Authentic and unique, Paški Sir is a pure delight and displays quality in the making, leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste to savor. A yellowish creamy color with farmhouse aromas, Paški Sir has well balanced texture, taste, aromas and finish and is delightfully tasty’.

Paški Sir may well be new to these shores, but this refined artisan cheese has been made with craft and skill on the little Island of Pag for centuries. Situated off the Croatian coast in the Adriatic beneath the imposing Velebit mountain range, conditions are unique with climate, vegetation, terrain and a special breed of sheep all contributing to this wonderful delight.

Currently available at The Cheese Hamlet, Manchester. The Cheese Society, Lincoln and online, and the Yellow Wedge Deli in Twickenham. You can also follow Paški Sir on Facebook to find the latest outlets http://www.facebook.com/paskisir?ref=ts

The Cheese Hamlet, Manchester

The Cheese Society, Lincoln

Yellow Wedge Deli, Twichenham

2008, 2009 & 2010 International Taste and Quality Awards – 3 Star Superior Quality Award
2010 International Cheese Awards Nantwich – Silver medal
2005 International Agriculture Fair, Grand Gold Medal & Special Award for Quality
2004 International Agriculture and Food Fair, Grand Gold Medal
2003 & 2004 International Gastronomy and Tourism Fair, Double Champion of Quality & Gold Medal
2002 International Cheese Awards, Italy, 1st Place

For more information on Sirana Gligora’s Paški Sir, send an email to simon.kerr@gligora.com

More information can be found on our website www.gligora.com

You can also follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/PaskiSir

and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/paskisir?ref=ts


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