Artisan Cheese, The Making of Sirana Gligora Paški Sir. Step 4,5 & 6 all about Dripping & Draining, Kinitting and Pressing the Curd

We continue our look at the ’8 basic steps of cheese making’ as published on the Cheesemongers weblog in November, and how these steps are carried out at Sirana Gligora on the Island Of Pag in Croatia. Sirana Gligora have been making artisan Paški Sir since 1995 and moved into their newly build modern dairy in January 2010.

The ‘‘8 basic steps to cheese making‘ aimed to give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with your cheese monger. The information was taken from Max McCalam’s latest book, ‘Mastering Cheese’ where he used the work of Dairy Science professor Frank Kosikowski, the founder of the American Cheese Society.

Step 1: Setting the Milk can be viewed by clicking here.

Step 2: Cutting the Curds can be viewed by clicking here.

Step 3: Cooking and Holding can be viewed by clicking here.

Step 4. Dripping & Draining

Here Luka prepares the Filling Machine for the next step of making Paški Sir

When the curds have been dried and the Suzie (the master cheese maker) is satisfied with the moisture levels and size of the grain, the curds are transferred to the molds.  At Sirana Gligora this is done with a filling machine which takes curds away from the vat and separates the whey at the same time.  The Curds go into perforated stainless steel tubes allowing the whey to escape before the curds are fed into the molds.

Suzie must make sure the curds are settled in the perforated tubes before the filling begins to make sure no air gets into the cheese.

The amount of whey in the filling column is regulated by the 'Omega' pipe you can just see at the back, this in turn regulates the air in the curds.

The Filling Machine will fill 3 molds at a time as they come through the conveyor and you can see below how the cheese is already beginning to take shape as it is cut into the molds.

The 'S' shaped tubes at the top of the picture are taking the whey from the curds

Step 5 & 6. Knitting and Pressing the Curd

The cheese is now firmly in the molds and on there way to be pressed where the knitting process begins.  Sirana Gligora use a sophisticated air pressure system which distributes equal pressure all along the line, ensuring each cheese is pressed under the same amount of pressure.

A typical days production will yield around 250 cheeses

Paški Sir is pressed for 3 and a half hours to expel any additional whey and ensure the curds are fully knitted.  About half way through the pressing process, the cheese is turned in the molds to ensure there are no air holes in the rind, the rind must be completely sealed for the cheese to mature  in its proper way.

A physical job as you can see but with forearms like this it's no problem for Luka.

Next step 7 & 8, Salting and Curing the cheese.

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