Superior Taste Award for Paški Sir from iTQi

We all know that Sirana Gligora Paški Sir has won 3 consecutive 3 Star Superior Taste Awards from the International Taste and Quality Institute, but who are the iTQi?



The Superior Taste Award “The Michelin Guide of Food”, Trends Magazine, August 21, 2008

3 Star –  Exceptional products with 90% and more of total marks
2 Star –  Remarkable products with marks between 80% and 90%
1 Star –  Notable tasting products with marks between 70% and 80%

The International Taste and Quality Institute is the leading independent Chef- and Sommelier- based organisation dedicated to testing and promoting superior tasting food and drink from around the world.  Judges are selected from within the 12 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations such as the Maîtres Cuisiniers of France and Belgium, Academy of Culinary Arts, Hellenic Chefs’ Association and the Académie Culinaire of France plus many more.

The Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition based upon the blind judgment of Chefs and Sommeliers who are opinion leaders and experts in taste.


A large panel of international judges test the product on a stricktly blind basis, without any packaging or identification. Each judge is dedicated to a sensory analysis of the tasted product and assigns a numeric score on an evaluation sheet reflecting the overall feeling of hedonic pleasure (the most important weight in the final mark) and also other criteria like vision, smell, texture, flavour and mouth-feel. The various scores are then compiled by computer in order to determine the final global mark.

Managing Director Šime Gligora and his wife Ružica being presented with the 2010 award

So you think you have what it takes to be a Judge?

Judges are chosen for their extended practice in tasting, unanimously recognized talents as Chefs or Sommeliers by guides such as Michelin or Gault Millau, exceptionnal expertise, capacity to describe gustatory features of food & drink products, ability to suggest potential improvements within the framework of sensory analysis which is the essence of their profession.

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