The making of Paški Sir: From Ewe to You, milking the sheep continued…

After watching Mađar expertly handle his sheep and milk his ewes, we were invited out again this time by another local farmer called Vjencislav who continues his family’s tradition of sheep husbandry.  Vjencislav is also the magistrate on the Island of Pag but says despite the hard work, sheep breeding is in his blood and he would never consider another way of life…

Again like Mađar, Vjencislav keeps his flock in an enclosure during the lambing season so he can keep a close eye on both the pregnant ewes and the new born lambs.

This cute little lamb was born just 8 hours before the picture was taken so Vjencislav will check over the mother and make sure everything is OK.  The ewes’ milk needs to be released at this early stage as more milk is produced than what the lamb can drink.

Vjencislav teams up with his aunt Katarina to get the job done quicker as all the mothering ewes’ will need to be checked.  By taking away some of the milk at this early stage it ensures that milk will continue to be produced by the ewe who will provide plenty of great meals for the lambs to come, and of course, plenty of milk for making Paški Sir after.

Next in line was this 2nd time mother sporting a St Geroges cross!! An easy way for Vjencislav and Katarina to identify those who have already given birth.

We were then enlisted to help herd the sheep round into the pen so that all the mothers could be checked and have the excess milk skimmed.

My wife and daughter are true naturals at herding the sheep, maybe we’re in the wrong line of work…

Another new born was discovered, Vjencislav says this one is less than 3 hours old.

Once all the ewes’ are together in the pen, it makes it much easier for Katarina to milk each one in turn.

And while the ewes’ are away, the lambs will play…

Emily, meet Dugi, the newest arrival…

Unlike Mađar, Vjencislav doesn’t sell the milk until all the lambs have been fully weaned so we went to catch up with Mađar at Sirana Gligora as he brought in his milk.

Mađar’s milk will go into production in the morning so we will go along to find a wheel of cheese to follow through the maturing process. To view the next part of the journey and to find out details of how to win a full wheel of Paški Sir click here.

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