From Ewe to You

We continue the journey of following the milk from ‘Ewe to You’ and now look again at the production of Paški Sir.  If you missed the post on milking the sheep with Mađar and Vjencislav, click on their names to see the related posts and pictures.

So Mađar brought in 25 liters of pag sheep milk (from 2 milking sessions) and made his contribution to the 2000 or so liters of milk brought in by farmers from all over the Island of Pag, with this we expect to make around  280 wheels of Paški Sir and we’ll select one to follow which you will have a chance of winning when it’s fully matured.  To see the production process in detail together with photographs, click here.

Local farmers bring their milk twice a day straight to the dairy and we also have 3 other collection points around the island.  Damir collects the milk and brings it in each morning in this specially adapted tanker which can hold up to 5000 liters.

After the production, we caught up with Luka just as he was about to turn all the wheels in their forms.  By turning the cheese, Luka makes sure the outside of the cheese is sealed completely, and it also gives him a chance to add the casein label.

These labels are produced by our good friend at who are able to create a datametrix barcode and unique batch number for each cheese all on a label made from milk casein, pretty cleaver stuff.  We’re starting to use these this year so we can have greater control over traceability, and of course it allows us to follow one wheel of Paški Sir all the way through from creation to maturation.

Luka adds a label to each wheel as he turns them, which then dissolve onto the cheese leaving behind the unique number and barcode in food based ink.  Time to select the cheese!

So here we have it, the Paški Sir that will be up for grabs in our competition to come, Paški Sir 052272.  Keep reading for details of how to win.

After more pressing, the cheese is now ready to be brined which will promote the development of the rind.  An essencial process for hard pressed cheese.

And there she goes with all the other wheels from todays production.   They’ll spend 24 hours submerged in brine before they are ready for the cave.

To be in with a chance to win this wheel of Paški Sir when its been fully matured, make sure you subscribe to this blog and follow us on our Facebook page Love Paški Sir.  We’ll post details of how you can win once the cheese is ready.

To read the next part of the journey From Ewe to You click here.

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