From Ewe to You, the journey of Paški Sir continues…

Someone once asked me at what stage of production can you start to call a cheese, cheese?

Well I would think that it differs depending on what type of cheese your talking about and in what way the producers make the said cheese, but here at Sirana Gligora it would no doubt be after the brining stage where were about to pick up our journey of Paški Sir 052272.

If you missed any of the previous posts from when we went out in to the field with local farmers Mađar and Vjencislav to see where the milk comes from that makes Paški Sir, then just click on their names to read their story.

You can also catch up with the full production process of the making of Paški Sir by clicking here.

And click here to catch up with what happened when the milk came into the dairy for production.

So here we have it, Paški Sir 052272 is born as it comes from a 24 hour bath in brine, an essential process to develop the rind so the cheese inside can mature and develop its taste. 

Željko and Luka remove all the cheeses from the brine where they will be dried for 24 hours before going in to the cave for curing.  Don’t worry, I assure you Luka isn’t a ghost or radioactive, its just my poor photography skills that make him glow.

And there you have it, your cheese is born.  We will send this very cheese to one lucky reader when its been fully matured in our cave, the next stop of our ‘From Ewe to You’ story.  For a chance to win, subscribe to this blog (at the top right of this page) and/or become a fan on our Facebook page where we will post more details when the cheese is ready.

To view the next part of the series From You to Ewe as we look at affinage at SIrana Gligora, click here.

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8 responses to “From Ewe to You, the journey of Paški Sir continues…

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  7. I am a student in the culinary management course at St.Laurence College Kingston, Ontario. I have to do a essay on a Cheesemonger. I was searching the net and found your site, it is incredible.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Guylaine we’re glad you enjoyed it and we hope it’s been of some use to you. Please help us spread the word about our wonderful cheese in any way you can.

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