From Ewe to You – Paški Sir 05227 at 8 weeks

Apologies for all our readers awaiting news on our competition to win the wheel of Paški Sir 05227, we’ve been so busy with preparations for our first export to the US that our series ‘From Ewe to You’ has been sidetracked a little.

To read the series from the beginning when we went out with local farmers Mađar and Vjensislav click on their names  to be taken to the beginning of the story.

So far we have looked at the milking, the production, the salting and the affinage of Paški Sir whilst following one wheel which will be up for grabs very soon when its fully matured.  We’ve also asked questions about the aging and terroir on the island of Pag and how this effects the taste in our award winning cheese.

To see for yourself how your cheese has been maturing over the last 2 months click this link to open a PDF — Paški Sir 05227 —.  You need to click on the link again in the next page to open it and zoom in a little to get the best resolution.

Paški Sir 05227 on 12th Feb 2011

You can see from these pictures how the cheese has changed in appearance as the bacteria and enzymes work their magic inside to develop the taste.  The rind is now much stronger and the colour has changed from an almost opaque white to a straw yellow.

Paški Sir 05227, aged 8 weeks 9th April 2011

The scoffs of dark colour you can see on the surface are a bacteria growth on the rind which is normal in hard pressed aged cheese.  This will be washed off again soon with salt water then the cheese will be rubbed with local olive oil to keep the moisture inside.

At 8 weeks our cheese is beginning to resemble the award winning cheese we sent to the World Cheese Awards last November which picked up the Barbers ‘Best New Cheese Trophy’ and 3 Super Gold Medals.  We think its not quite ready to enjoy yet but we’ll open the competition some time in May so make sure you keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribing to our blog at the top right of this page.

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