Sirana Gligora Pag Cheese Tasting Tour

The tourist season on the Island of Pag is fast approaching full swing and already we’re receiving more than 300 people every week on our guided tours and cheeses tasting experience in our dairy.  

From passing tourist dropping by in small family groups, to organised bus tours from some of Europe’s most established companies bringing in up to 200 people at a time, we love to welcome everybody to our dairy and share our passion for making award winning cheeses. Last week we welcomed one of our new partners, Secret Dalmatia, who arranged for a small group of Americans to come from their cruise ship in Zadar to our cheese tasting tour.  Secret Dalmatia offer intimate guided tours to many gourmet destinations across Croatia and the director, Mr Alan Manrić also finds time to keep everything updated on his fascinating blog which highlights some of the finest places  of Croatia, It’s easy to see his passion flowing though his work.  To read his post ‘Pag Cheese Tasting Tour’  at our dairy just click here. For enquiries about intimate tours of our dairy just write to us at, prices vary from €7.50 to €10 per person and no group is too small or too big.

Don’t forget our competition to win a full wheel of award winning artisan ewes’ milk cheese Paški Sir is open until Friday 3rd June.  We followed the cheese making process from Ewe to You and the resulting wheel is available to a lucky reader.  For a chance to win just see our post ‘From Ewe to You’ by clicking here

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