Gligora’s Paški Sir – Ivy League Cheese

Every one has heard about the eminent Harvard University in America if through nothing other than blockbuster Hollywood movies such as ‘Good Will Hunting’ with Matt Damon and ‘Harvard Man’ with Sarah Michelle Gellar which along with many more, were set in the hallowed corridors of Americas most prestigious education establishment.  It’s with good reason too that this famed university carries its lofty name as no fewer than 8 US presidents graduated here along with some 50 noble prize winners.

So when we got the chance to meet the head chef of the Harvard Club New York, one of New Yorks most exclusive clubs, we wasted no time in introducing our own esteemed Paški Sir cheese.

 Chef Angelo Ljubicic is of Croatian origin and after 10 years learning his trade in the well established Downtown Athletic Club of New York, he joined the ranks at Harvard Club more than 25 years ago where his skill and insight were rewarded with promotion to head chef in 1995.  Here Chef Angelo became a legend, known for his delicious creations and inspirational leadership and he had this to say about our Paški Sir..”Sirana Gligora’s Paški Sir is a true artisan sheep milk cheese from Croatia with an absolute genuinely  mouthwatering flavour that could make an angel weep for joy, you need look no further than the prestigious titles that this family producer has procured for their cheese from across the globe’.

Inspiring words indeed from one of New Yorks most respected chefs and now that our very own ‘Ivy League’ cheese is available in the US through specialist distributors Grand Prix Trading, we hope you too can enjoy Sirana Gligora’s exclusive Paški Sir.

 Gligora’s Paški Sir is available in the US through specialist importers of Southern and Eastern European Foods GRAND PRIX TRADING                For enquiries please email

Our cheese is also available in the UK with

In Sweden with FehLin 

and in central Europe through

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