Whats the best news that you could recieve right now?

Well if you in need of some good news then here is is, you chance to win a full range of Gligora’s award winning cheeses in our ‘Cheesy Photo Competition’ currently running on our Facebook page.

 Visit our Facebook page: Love Paški Sir for more details

 Included in the prize are:

Paški Sir, our artisan hard pressed ewes’ milk cheese made exclusively from the milk of the islands autochthonous breed of sheep who roam freely on the rocky pastures of Pag.  Here they graze upon the many strains of wild herbs such as Dalmatian sage which is considered to be the gourmet sage ‘par excellence’.  The unique terroir will imbues itself into the stunning taste of our Paški Sir resulting in a completely unique and world class cheese.

Kozlar, a semi-firm goat milk cheese from the Gorski Kotar south of Zadar.  Aged for a minimum 1 month and rubbed with local olive oils, our soft slicing Kozlar goat cheese has a very thin pale rind and ivory paste.  A smooth and firm texture which is still quite moist due to the relatively short aging period.  Delivering a well rounded balance between sweetness and saltiness, with soft hints of grass and herbs and a slightly citrusy finish.  The mellow and natural flavours are a perfect prelude to our Paški Sir.

Kolan, our hard pressed cow milk cheese from the Dalmatian Hinterland with the milk carefully selected from herd who only feed on fresh grasses and hey. Milder in taste and colour than our other hard pressed cheese, Kolan is agend for a minimum 4 months during which time our affinures take painstaking care to nurture the cheese to full maturity.  Washed in brine and coated in olive oil and delivers a smooth, creamy and mellow taste.

Žigljen, a careful infusion of sheep, cow and goat milk is used to create this hard pressed mixed milk cheese which delivery a unique taste and slightly spice finish.

Sir tatufi, our new creation.  Cow milk cheese with Istrian truffles.  This elegant tasting cheese is everything what you have come to expect from Gligora.  Aged for 1 month this has rich and complex tastes that will leave you wanting for more.

Make sure you take part in our competition to be amongst the first to try our new cheese.

Please visit our website www.gligora.com

follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter

For enquiries please send an email to info@gligora.com


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