Where to buy Pag Island cheese in the US, Paški Sir

Following a very eventful past 24 months for Gligora Dairy in which time our cheese has been awarded with 9 quality titles such as The Best New Cheese Award and 3 Super Gold Medals from the World Cheese Awards and we opened our completely modern dairy which brought us right up to date with EU standards.  We very pleased to announce that our multi-award winning artisan ewes’ milk cheese Paški Sir is now widely available in the US.

For more information on where to buy Gligora’s Paški Sir in the US please write to www.grandprixtrading.com at info@grandprixtrading.com

Please visit our website http://www.gligora.com

and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we have regular competitions to win some of our stunning cheese

For enquiries and brochure requests please write to info@gligora.com


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