6th Annual Croatian Day of Cheese Exhibition

The biggest and most important exhibition of Croatian cheese and dairy products will take place this year on 22nd and 23rd October at Sirana Gligora (Gligora Dairy) on the Island of Pag, producers of the ‘Best New Cheese’ Trophy winner at last years World Cheese Awards.

Gligora Dairy on the Island of Pag where this years event will be held

Now in its 6th year, the ‘Association of small Croatian dairies’ brings together 18 of the countries most dedicated and skilled craftspeople who are producing distictly regional  artisan dairy products from across the beautifully varied landscape of Croatia.

From the Istrian peninsula in the west with its varied climate and vastly mixed cultural heritage, to Slavonia in the north-east with hugely contrasting influences, terrain and agriculture.  From the striking and rugged Dalmatian hinterland to Dubrovnik in the south, and not to mention the countless islands each with their own unique traditions, heritage and micro-climates.

With traditional producers making the most of the rich and diverse terroir in each of these regions, it’s sure to be another great opportunity to come together and celebrate Croatia’s finest craftspeople of this simple yet massively diverse product, cheese.

The cheese tasting room at Gligora where this years event will take place

The full day event will involve tastings and the opportunity to buy direct from the producers who will be supported by some of the most spectacular wines from the Zadar region.  Live music, local food and drink and the picturesque surroundings of the Island of Pag in Gligora’s specially built cheese tasting room, will make sure the celebrations are as well-remembered as the fantastic cheese on display.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. A full list of producers are below, press packs will soon be available to associated journalists who are interested in covering this event.  To express your interest please write to  info@gligora.com 

Last years winner, master cheese maker Ivan Gligora with his Paški Sir

 1. PG Bistrović d.o.o., 2. Vesna Loborika,3. Mljekara Bosnić, 4. Tomaić commerce, 5. Biogal, 6. Družba, 7. Euro-milk, 8. Hamer, 9. I-pak, 10. Križevačka mljekara, 11. Mljekara Latus, 12. Mala mljekara, 13. MCOM, 14. MIH Sirana, 15. Mini mljekara Veronika, 16.Mljekara BIZ, 17. Mljekara Vodopijevec, 18. Sirana Gligora



3 responses to “6th Annual Croatian Day of Cheese Exhibition

  1. …Pasteurised.No…Aging time.60 66 days…Livno cheese is a cheese first produced in the 19th century in the area of on the basis of French technology of making cheese. The cheese is ready after an average of 60 to 66 days in a controlled environment.

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