P.S. from Pag

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At Gligora Dairy we’re all busy putting together the finishing touches to this years 6th Annual ‘Days of Croatian Cheese‘ exhibition which will be held in our striking cheese tasting room where 20 or so of Croatia’s most renowned cheese makers will display their creations and compete for the Champion Croatian Cheese of the Year Award.

Sirana Gligora have invited the talented American journalist Kristin Vuković to help us celebrate what promises to be a special day for everyone involved.

Kristin has a special interest in Croatia and the Island of Pag in particular, and this visit will kick start her personal journey into immersing herself into the traditional culture and way of life here on the island.

To follow Kristin’s adventure as she unravels the complex culture of our island which is defined by Paški Sir, make sure you subscribe to her new blog 

P.S. from Pag

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the early bird might get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese’


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