From Ewe to You – the story in pictures…

Some of you might remember our series ‘From Ewe to You’ which started back in February this year. We followed the whole process of making Paški Sir from milking, to production, to curing and now finally to consumption which will complete the journey of the cheese.

To see the series from the beginning when we went out with local farmers Mađar and Vjencislav click here.  And here’s the whole story so far in pictures…  Hope you enjoy.

(please note the competition to win the wheel of cheese is now closed, but join our Facebook page to stay updated on any further chances to win some of our award winning cheese) Facebook: Love Paški Sir

Mađars sheep waiting to be milked

Rounding the sheep

New seasons lambs

Waiting their turn

Expert hands

One down, 24 to go

More little lambs

Well earned hey

Village of Kolan from Mađar's pen

With Vjencislav's sheep

Lambing season

Mothers milk

Time to play

1 hour old

Mala, meet mala

Check-up for new mothers

The milking que

One by one

The milk deposit

Production begins with pasturisation

Ready for the rennet

Curds a-whey

Skuta bath... ricotta type cheese

Fresh Paška Skuta

Draining the skuta

Final preparations

Ready to roll

Final checks

Let the cheese making begin

Here she comes...

Pressing matters

Your cheese is born

From the brine

A little drying

Into the nursery

Affinage begins

Week 1

A month later

2 months

3 months

The expert team

6 months, in contrast

Photo shoot, Paški Sir through the ages

Result, award winning cheese

9 months, ready for shipping

8,000 miles (12800 km) away, and the winner is...

Mr Marko Puljic in the US

9 months later... all the way from Ewe to You

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we have…

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