The Island of Pag Bura Causes Fish to Throw Themselves onto the Shore

For the past couple of weeks most of Europe has experienced some truly remarkable winter conditions and here on the little Island of Pag it’s been no less phenomenal.

After more than 10 days of an exceptionally strong Bura wind which channels it’s power through the Velebit mountain range and batters much of the coast of Croatia, the Island of Pag has seen a phenomenon which hasn’t happened here for more than 50 years.  Fish literally throwing themselves out of the sea and on to to rocky beaches.

Here you can read a post about it from Kristin Vuković on P.S. From Pag, Kristin is a passionate writer who started this blog after visiting the Island of Pag last year and will return this summer to collect research for a book on the region.

Late Friday night the whole island was plunged into darkness as power was lost during one of the most ferocious storms I’ve seen.  So the next day while still with-out electricity I went out with my family to Sveti Duh beach in Kolan to see what the catch of the day would bring.

It really wasn’t a day for the faint hearted as the Bura was still in a rapacious mood kicking up the freezing sea and salt into our quickly reddening faces.We’d heard that squid and half kg fish had been washed up on shore but we were a few days late.  Mostly we found only small fish.

Not something you see very often here on Pag.

My brother-in-law risking it all for some fish.. well they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Deserted and frozen coffee house taking the full force of the Bura.

In spite of the fish it was still worth it to brave the cold to see the beautiful ice formations on the beach.

Frozen waves

but this one is by far my favorite.

One last look around and my wife finds the catch of the day so we head home to warm-up and some make traditional Croatian fish soup and Paška Skuta Cheese cake.

Ready packed in ice.  We reckon we bagged around 8kg of these though none of us knew what they are called.

…and the catch of the day, can anyone tell us what this is called?

The whole family got involved to prepare the fish and for as a special treat we made some Paška Skuta cheesecake for desert.  Paška Skuta is made from milk whey from  the production of Paški Sir here at Sirana Gligora.

The smaller fish were coated in flour and deep fried while the rest was cooked in a soup with fresh vegetables.

In 1kg of fresh Gligora Skuta (which is like a ricotta cheese) we added the juice of 2 lemons and zest, some cooking cream and sugar.  The cake tin was covered with broken biscuits which had been coated in melted butter, then on went a layer of melted cooking chocolate followed by the Skuta mix.  Sprinkled with grated chocolate for decoration.  There’s hundreds of variations but this one worked a treat.

Over the meal someone was telling me this phenomenon has not occurred  since 1956 when after 2 world wars times were really tough.  It must have been even more of a delight for the residents of Kolan back then but there’s no denying we all enjoyed our day too.

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