Cheese and Wine Tasting Tours at Sirana Gligora

English: City of Kolan on the island of Pag, C...

English: City of Kolan on the island of Pag, Croatia, Europe Hrvatski: Gradić Kolan na Pagu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As far as gastronomic tourism goes, we’re pretty sure an intimate ‘cheese and wine tasting tour’ of Sirana Gligora would rate up there with some of the most interesting foodie  excursions that you could take anywhere in the world.

As you can probably see from our blog, website and other articles in the press that you might find, we at Sirana Gligora are all very proud of our special and unique cheese making heritage here on the Island of Pag.

So much so in fact that we open our doors and invite guests to come on an intimate guided tour of the dairy where you can learn about the fascinating culture of cheese making, and not to mention the best bit… a selection of award-winning Gligora cheeses to enjoy with local wines in our specially build ‘cheese tasting room’, sat on the top floor of the dairy with beautiful views of the pastures of Kolan.

The Gligora family have made cheese here in Kolan for 4 generations passing the skills and secret for quality from hand to hand, and after opening this dairy in 1995, Ivan Gligora has taken the small family production unto a world-renowned and respected cheese dairy which has won countless awards and now exports to several countries.

So if you’re on the Island of Pag this summer, or are planning a gastronomic holiday sometime in the future, we’d be really happy to welcome you here for an intimate ‘cheese and wine tasting tour’ of Sirana Gligora.  And whats more with our ‘Island of Pag Restaurant Book’ planned to be published later this year, we’ll be able to recommend the very best restaurants that the island has to offer so you’ll be sure your trip to Pag will be full to the brim with gastronomical pleasure.

Tickets are available in our Boutique Cheese Shop in Kolan, or through Hotel Loža, Hotel Liburnija and Camp Straško in Novalja where transfers are available.  You can also buy tickets from Camp Šimuni in the village of Šimuni.  Subject to availability, we’ll also arrange transfers from your accommodation anywhere on the island to and from Sirana Gligora.

Private groups of any size are welcome, for more details call or send an email  00385 (0)23 700 793

Sretan put i dobar tek!


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