Cooking with Paški Sir and Sirana Gligora’s Croatian Cheese

Round of Paški sir

Round of Paški sir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From of all the different kinds of cheeses in the world, our Paški Sir must certainly be considered by many to be the tastiest and the most delicious of them all, in fact Gligora Paški Sir could be the tastiest cheese you ever try.  Our gourmet cheese originates from a series of extraordinary conditions here on the Island of Pag where we enjoy a special climate which permeates the exquisite taste.  Those who know the outstanding complexity and delicious finish of our Paški Sir will know just how distinguished this artisan cheese is.

For more on the traditions of our cheese on the Island of Pag click here

The flawless balance between saltines and acidity in our Paški Sir means it’s a perfect cheese for a range of dishes.  Enjoy it on its own with grapes or with fresh bread and perhaps a splash of olive oil, or adore it as part of a meal and let the richness of taste and aroma enhance your complete experience.

This summer at Sirana Gligora, we welcomed Kristin Vukovic from New York who was here to gather research for her forthcoming book about our island (you can view her excellent blog about the project here).  As part of her visit, we teamed up to create a special book about the best restaurants that our extraordinary island has to offer, which we hope will be ready and used as a gastro guide for like-minded tourists who visit from next year.

Can we wait that long to share some of the delicious food the we enjoyed in an amazing two weeks of June?  Not me anyway, so here we will release some of the delicious recipes that some of these select restaurants offer with our cheese, as a sneak preview of what will be included in the book.

Come back early next week for the first installment of ‘Cooking with Paški Sir and Sirana Gligora’s Croatian Cheeses’.


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