French Student Comes to Croatia to Learn Cheesemaking

WWII French General Charles De Gaulle A WWII p...

WWII French General Charles De Gaulle A WWII photo portrait of General Charles de Gaulle of the Free French Forces and first president of the Fifth Republic serving from 1959 to 1969. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Charles De Gaulle once famously said “How can one govern a nation that produces two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese”? Well in fact that number stands closer to 630 today so is it such a big surprise that French student Anne-Emmanuelle Quelennec has chosen the Island of Pag to learn cheesemaking? Last month Sirana Gligora welcomed French Intern Anne-Emmanuelle Quelennec from Angers in France, who applied for a 3 month internship to learn about dairy production and in particular for Paški Sir.

Miss Quelennec is on a 5 year masters degree course at the University of Agriculture in Angers where she covers subjects such as biology, genetics, communication and marketing.

“My parents are dairy farmers so it was natural for me to study in this field” commented Miss Quelennec, “after spending last summer at a dairy in Ireland I wanted to expand my knowledge of dairy production. I looked at several of the leading dairies in Europe but Sirana Gligora attracted me more for many reasons. First because of its commitment to traditional practices and production, but also because of the innovation in new products and technology”.

Director Mr Šime Gligora says “We’re delighted to welcome Anne-Emmanuelle here for 3 months and we are sure her stay here will have a big impression on her future career. Her knowledge and insight in this field are excellent and she will be an asset to our development in becoming one of the leading dairy’s in the world”.

Miss Quelennec went on to say that the iTQi is very well-respected in France as the leading organisation for quality food and drink assessment, so to see that Sirana Gligora have achieved such high acclaim with Paški Sir she knew that they would be leading the way in production and quality.

‘I love the taste of Gligora’s Paški Sir,’ she said when asked about her favorite Croatian cheese. ‘I also think Žigljen has a very special taste and is a cheese Croatian people should be proud of.  In France I have many favorites but if I had to choose I would say Tomm de savoie which is a beautiful semi-hard cow milk cheese from a mountain region.

In France we have many small producers like Sirana Gligora who are ACO protected, something which Gligora could have because they protect the traditional recipe of Paški Sir and completely respect the heritage.  ACO would protect the cheese and the way of life in the local community’.

As part of her visit, Miss Quelennec will be working in all departments of Sirana Gligora from packing, curing the cheese and production, as well as writing a detailed report which will include new product ideas and areas for development so perhaps Sirana Gligora will be producing a ‘Tomme de Pag’ in the future!


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