Sirana Gligora triumph with 4 medals at the World Cheese Awards 2012, plus Gold and Bronze in Austria

2012 has been another remarkable year for Sirana Gligora who have just collected their 16th international award since February.


Gligora’s brand new cheese Kozji Sir Tartufi was the surprise package at the World Cheese Awards picking up a well deserved Silver medal in its first competition. Kozji Sir Tartufi was in the class of ‘goat milk cheese with additions’ alongside more than 24 other world-renowned cheeses.

Šime Gligora, managing director of Sirana Gligora commented ‘We’re really proud of these awards and in particular the results for Kozji Sir Tartufi and Žigljen. Everyone concerned has worked tremendously hard to keep up the high standards of quality that we expect in our cheese, and these high class awards are a real testament to our efforts’.

Paški Sir and Gligora’s cow milk cheese Težački Sir both won Bronze in the ‘sheep milk’ and hard cheese’ categories respectively, and Žigljen which is a blend of Dalmatian cow and sheep milk continued to reinforce its reputation as one of the best Croatian cheeses with a Silver medal in the mixed milk category.a

In all, 255 judges from around the world took part in the awards, judging 2,781 cheeses in total.

The World Cheese Awards, run by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food, is the largest and most respected competition of its type in the world. This year it brought together 2,781 cheeses from 30 countries under one roof, making this the Big Cheese of international competitions.

The competition is truly global, with only 25% of entries from the UK. Others came from Ireland, New Zealand, the USA, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, France, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Cyprus, Slovakia, Canada, Australia, Greece, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark and Russia.

Over the last decade the World Cheese Awards have been held in Dublin, Gran Canaria and London, and most recently at the BBC Good Food Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.


Before the worlds dairy attention focused on Birmingham, the beautiful village of Hopfgaten in Austria was the center of the cheese world. Cheeses from 137 countries including Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canada, were evaluated by a team of 33 celebrities and cheese gourmets who were all looking to sniff out the winners and approve the highest quality.


Sirana Gligora sent two cheeses, Paški Sir in the sheep cheese category and Žigljen in the mixed milk category. Each cheese sample was subjected to the strict professional opinion of Dr. Klaus Dillinger of the Federal Institute and the 33-member jury team. The team consisted of domestic and European cheese experts and cheese buyers. “In assessing the cheese, special emphasis was placed on taste and smoothness of the cheese samples. Dr. Klaus Dillinger, head of the jury commented; “The product not only had to be accurate and good, but additionally have a special character and flavour. “After a hard struggle of the jurors in groups of three, the winners of gold, silver and bronze medals were decided.

Paški Sir finished top of class in the sheep milk category winning Gold, with more than 1 judge awarding 19 from 20 points in relation to interior and exterior appearance, texture and taste. This means Paški Sir finished above some well established German and Austrian cheeses which finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Gligora’s Žigljen cheese, which was voted the best mixed milk cheese in the world last year, was awarded a very respectable Bronze medal. Both are available in all good cheese stores and Gligora’s own cheese boutiques, with two new stores opening in Zagreb’s Dolac Market and Gupečeva Zvijeda in the coming weeks.

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