100% Croatian Cow Milk

From an area of Croatia known as ‘Južni teren’ meaning southern fields, we buy milk from carefully selected family cattle farmers.  This is a rich area of agricultural land stretching some 150 km from Knin to Imotski along the border with Bosnia and  traversing the beautiful mountain range of the Dinaric Alps.

All of the cattle are free range and are moved from pasture to pasture through the seasons, only coming inside during the harsh winter.

In higher altitude the cows enjoy a diet of alpine grasses and subterranean clover.  Whilst those in coastal farms are subjected to warm Adriatic breezes where Persian and Alfalfa grasses and clover flourish.

dinarac alps2
All of our co-operants are very much family enterprises with whom we work closely to maintain the highest possible quality and future development.  Each farm cares for between 20 and 100 cattle made up from a mix of Holstine and black and red Simental.

The high quality milk we buy from these skillful and caring farmers goes into our award-winning Dinarski Sir, ŽigljenTežački Sir and our specialty cheeses Sir s Tartufima and Sir s Ružmarinom.

We also buy high quality cow milk from a commercial producer in the Dalmatian hinterland.  This farm sits almost right on the Adriatic coast next to the protected nature reserve of the Lake of Vrana.

This is a larger farm of approximately 800 cows (400 in lactation), again a mix of Holstine and black and red Simental.  The cattle here are fed natural grasses as well as silage which they produce themselves on site from their vegetable production.

The milk we buy from this region goes into our Kolan and Mladi Trapist.


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