100% Croatian Goat Milk

Following our carefully through out selection process, we personally visit all the farms that we buy milk from and only when we are completely satisfied with the condition and welfare of the animals, the environment and the husbandry techniques do we enter into any kind of contract with our producers.

All of our goat milk comes from a region in Croatia known as ‘Ravni Kotar’  located in the beautiful Krka national park famous for the spectacular river Krka and canyon.


12 of the farms we buy from are small family farms with between 30 and 100 Saanen and Alpine goats  who only come inside for milking.  Oregano is a predominant herb in the region along with Mentha and Sage, and there is an abundance of rich grasses and clover.


We also buy from 3 bigger farms, each having up to 300 goats and can also be classed as free range.  Milk from these farms goes straight into our award-winning Kozlar, Kozji Sir Tartufi,  and mixed milk cheese Dinarski Sir.



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