New Seasons Paški Sir, 2013

It all started in 1918 with humble beginnings.


Frane Gligora, the first of the family Gligora to try his hand at making Paški Sir in rural village of Kolan.  Four generations later and Sirana Gligora begins it’s 4th season of production in the state of the art dairy which opened its doors in 2010.


Since then, Gligora’s coveted Paški Sir has amassed no fewer than 16 of the most prestigious international recognition’s for quality.  From the worlds ‘Best New Cheese’ Trophy in the UK to the coveted Crystal Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels.  There is no doubting the passion for quality in Gligora’s Paški Sir which is a direct result of skill, commitment to tradition, and local investment.  Little could Frane have imagined how modern day experts across the globe would be purring with appreciation for the family’s famous cheese.

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It’s with the same attention to detail, respect for quality and tradition that Sirana Gligora officially entered its 4th season of production just a few weeks ago.  As the year turned, so to the shepherds of Pag woke from their slumber to welcome the new seasons Paška janjetina and with them the precious ‘white gold’ that is, Pag sheep milk.  In a matter of days the pastures are transformed to a hive of activity as more lambs are born and the milk yield increases.  The season is the most important and labouring of the year for most, but the reward is enjoyed by all.


Aged Paški Sir is still available in all Gligora cheese shops along with several other high class artisan cheeses.


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