2014 Paški Skuta – EN

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Delicious, fresh, versatile and highly nutritious.  2014 production of Paška Skuta has begun today (17.01.2014) at Sirana Gligora  and from tomorrow it will be on sale in our Zadar and Kolan stores.  Next week you’ll find it in all our stores across Croatia, to find our nearest store visit our website.

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Paška skuta is a ricotta type cheese made from whey after cheese production.  After the cheese is made a liquid high in albumin protein is left, which is heated to around 80°C  to encourage the protein to rise to the surface and form a curd which is then separated and drained over night.

What is unique about Paška skuta?  It is made from Paška ovca (indigenous Island of Pag sheep) milk after the production of Paški sir, the result is a unique tasting soft fresh cheese that adds the perfect twist to any ricotta based recipe.


As well as being delicious, Paška skuta is very low in fat and has less than half the calories you would find in a hard cheese.  When you eat Paška skuta, you also get a dose of heart-healthy omega-3.  As well as vitamin B12 and low sodium content, it is also a great source of protein, zinc and calcium which will help to keep your bones really strong.  

You can use our Paška skuta in a number of ways, try it in a cheese cake or flavour it with orange liqueur and serve it with fruit.  If you have a favorite recipe for our Paška skuta send it to us on here, or on our Facebook page and we’ll send a free pack of skuta to those that we like.  Must be a Croatian resident to take part!




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